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summertime in northern serbia

probably some of my last solo riding days of this journey..and this is how i enjoyed them!

28 18

cute kids who laughted and smiled at me – and giggled even more as i rode by passing them on the rest of my little bag of freshly picked cherries i had been snacking on.

15 20

riding along the danube and its little water arms, rolling through tiny villages. this friendly old man gave me water from his well.

23 22 25

indulging the familiar smells of summer flowers, picking wild herbs for tea19 21

wild camping

26 24

snacking on all the littel delicious eddible greens along the road7 9

two of my favourite plants, the white ones growing for my birthday, the mulberries for my adventure17 16

mulberries oh mulberries!!

11 10 6  214

my first night in hungary i met a young german woman who had just started a big trip. we had a nice evening together, sharing storries and skills, and not bothering about all those nasty mosquitos at all – raincoats help!

13 34 128


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