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Oakland – building a new bike!

After travelling with my Family from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a  crazy big RV –  I  am in the  California Bay-Area right now. . first I stayed a few days in San Francisco and then found my way across the bridge to wonderful Oakland ;  ) where I am staying with a great bicycle-woman from…and soon find some more friends.

So here I am busy building a new bike. A new bike?!? Yeah, exactly… With a heavy heart I parted with Marlberry which I decided to send back home with my parents –  so I don’t have to leave her behind if I really find a boat to sail across the Pacific Ocean. A cycloqueen without a bike? That is pretty stupid eh? (… especially because I can hardly carry all my stuff without my bike !) But it is also a great opportunity – I always wanted to get more into bike-mechanics – this is the place! At “spokeland”, one of the many community-bike-workshops in the Bay-Area, I find wonderful teachers, tools to use and a great selection of used donated bikeparts.  lets get started ; )

Okay – I found a frame. Its a 50′” blue trek antilope (kinda   mountain-hybrid with 26″ wheels) made from chromoly. Headset   needs an overhaul, chain and rear derailler are already on and in okay condition. First Job: drilling out   the messed-up bottom bracket witch got stuck.


at the art-collective “rock-paper-sissors” I was able to use the sewing machines and fabric
scratches for my pannier-project.


here my very detailed plan of the panniers ;  )           waxing the bag with beeswax


sewing my panniers











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