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Leaving Oakland, heading North…

Getting ready for the next adventure – this time with 3 other friends.

These days I will leave Oakland and head north on my new self-made bike. 3 other cyclists Anka, Enrique and Franky will accompany me to my next stop – a community farm by Sebastopol, about 100 miles north of Oakland.

the Oakland-bikegang ; )

Infront of my fafourite squat – proudly presenting my new bicycle - all made up by myself from used parts in the DIY bommunity bikeworkshop “Spokeland” - with my selfmade panniers.


here are the panniers that I made. they are big enough  to fit all my stuff ; ) As material I used old jeans and canvas -and  made them waterproof by waxing them with beeswax – many thanks to Marina in Tallahasee for inspiring me and showing me the technic – check out her website  “” – this woman really makes amasing bags!!


and off we ride into the fall colors of costal california.



at a local organic farm – we have the most delicious tomatoes we have ever tasted!


and of course the dumpsters keep feeding us ;  )



















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