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latest interview abaout my trip

this interview was made by heike pirngruber. she is also a “woman* on wheels”. who i admire quite a lot. she has been on the road for many years and is still rolling!! now she is also writing interviews about other cyclowomen*. here is what she wrote about me . eventhough she let out most of my political answers -which is a pity- i think its still quiet amusing and detailed – and the only interview thats also available in english. thank you heike – and keep rolling!

solo female biking and sailing around the world

Barbara Graf (Bärbel) – Vienna to Vienna
Austrian – born 1987

3 years and 8 months on the road – maybe about 22.000 km by bicycle and another 19.000 by sailing boat – 29 countries.
Riding my bicycle it was not important “where to” but “how to” – I never much cared about the destination – but about how to be living this life on the road, travel sustainably, use my own power, be autonomous. It’s about cooking “one-pot-meals” on my campfire, stuffing myself with wild mulberries, being invited for tea, making friendship with people I meet, finding funny shelters, recycling and reusing things, fixing my bike on my own and feeling comfortable in the darkness of the forest.

read the whole interview in english: Bärbel
und hier das interview auf Deutsch  zu lesen


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