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home sweet home! i am back in vienna!

 last days have been crazy. full of tears and laughter and of hugs and cheering and of being happy together. here some pics of the the beautiful celebrations, which were welcoming me in my hometown.

DSCN4467 DSCN4469

image  mit_mama
with my big ”little brother”                                                       with my mum


joining the criticalmass bikeride which was supposed to be “naked” – but the weather was pretty cold ; ) so only a few  motivated people – including an over-excited to be back home cycloqueen – let go of their clothes.
seems like i have been wearing too much cover during my journey ; )what a fun way to see my city again! the views of the people were hilarious!

nakedride cycloqueen_serbiatohome 475 DSCN4428 DSCN4434 DSCN4440 DSCN4443 DSCN4458 DSCN4455DSCN4497 DSCN4498
homy breakfast at my friends house, after my first night in vienna.
next day i took a train to the countryside to meet some more dear friends and to see their sweet babies who were born while i was gone. but playing, singing and laughing together at the campfire – i felt like no time had passed. i was home.

next day i finally rode my bike to my parents house at the edge of town, the place i had started off my big journey some years and months before. peadalling up the little hill, everything seemed quite normal, but when i saw my cherry-tree and laid my hand on the round metal doorknob, i burst into sudden tears. i really made it whole back into the arms of my dad, who came out to see who had rung the bell (usualy its broken, bu now it worked)

 DSCN4522 DSCN4525
celebrating my 28th birthday at my parents house with all my brothers, my brothers girlfriend and my little niece.


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4 Responses to “home sweet home! i am back in vienna!”

  1. Ken Brands says:

    Dear Barbara,

    I am thrilled you made home and I am sad that it is over. I have headed out on adventures, but compared to you, I am child walking to the corner store. There are so few in the world that have accomplished what you have and I am proud to have met you.

    In whatever you go to do next, I truly hope you can share with those younger and older your skills in overcoming what ever obstacle is in your way. Your knack for keeping your attitude good and your willingness to help others.

    I also hope you write a book and let me know when it is printed.

    I will write you some more soon, time does not permit right now.

    Enjoy the comforts of home,

    • Baerbel says:

      dear Ken! thank you so much for your words and for following my journey with such patience and interst – always sending me sweet messages of encouragement!
      i send you all the best greetings from vienna

  2. Helene Bubbnik says:

    Hallo Bärbel, Ich bewundere deinen Mut und Können eine so lange Reise allein zu unternehmen. So tolle Bilder, ich selbst war 2 x 3 Monate mit Rad in Neuseeland und Chile unterwegs, für eine Weltreise hat es nie gereicht. Gratuliere dir herzlich.
    Falls du ein Buch veröffentlichen willst, kann ich dir vielleicht behilflich sein.
    Eine 69jährige Fanin !

    • Baerbel says:

      hallo! danke, freu mich, dass dir mein blog gefällt. hm..also buch schreiben hatte ich nicht echt vor. dazu bin ich eine viel zu faule schreiberin ; )
      aber trotzdem danke!

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