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giving thanks

i think it’s time to thank.

in fact i believe any time is good to thank.

and now its even more time to thank. for everything what happen. small and big effords. tiny and huge coincidences – which brought me to all those far and high places and thrilling adventures – once around the world – and finaly  to where i am now: back into the arms of friends and family.

thanks to the earth for carrying me, every day. for supporting me with everything i need for life. water. fresh air. sunlight. shelter. food. clothes. friends.
i am glad to be alife. for every day without injuries. and to be healthy after all.

surely this journey would not have been possible without the amazing help and support i encountered throughout my journey.

thanks to all my “sponsors”! sponsors?! surely i dont mean any multinational corporation or bike-gear donor – but ALL THE PEOPLE who supported me in so many ways.  it was THEM who carried me. through their gifts and open hearts. unlike the conventional sponsors, they didn’t ask me to promote their company or send  spectacular pictures. nor did they expect me to write a book and become famous (although some still hope for it ; ). mostly they just smiled and whished me good luck. without them – i could never have traveled the world like this. the list is endless. maybe it was you?

..maybe it was a piece of your bread? a sip of your tea? the warmth of your fire or the shelter of your little home – that was exactly what i needed in that moment we met?  maybe you offered me a warm shower, a place for my hammok, a traditional family dinner, medicine, a 20 dollar bill, a tent, a pump, tools, oil, a chain for my bicycle?  some shade to rest. drinkingwater from your well. maybe you helped me fixing up a bicycle, calling my bank or my embassy when my passport was lost. mabe you assisted me with directions or a short ride on your truck to the next town? or maybe you took me along on your sailboat, shared your skills, your stories, a bath in your hot-tub, offered me your friendship, your wisdom and inspiration. maybe you cheered me up with a smile. a brief hello from the side of the road. a good conversation. the music from your instrument. maybe you invited me for a walk through your town or your backyard garden, or showed me the projects you were working on. maybe you let me use your password at the university library, taught me to build a house from clai, maybe you gave me a job to earn money. and maybe you let me love you for a day.

… i thank you from my heart.  you are part of my adventure. my story. my memories.

thanks to my friends and family. for your love and support and ecouragements from back home. for letting me go and for letting me come back.

thanks to marlberry, miss-scavenger and lola – the bicycles who did most of the work and who taught me a lot.


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One Response to “giving thanks”

  1. Ken Brands says:

    Dear Barbara,

    Rarely has one person inspired me as you have. I am proud of the adventures I have headed out on, but I am taking baby steps when I look at what you have done. I am one of those that hopes you do write a book, actually I am hoping for two books. The first is about your trip, the second will tell about how you applied all you learned and saw to the events that are to come. I have learned there are two ways to find great security in life, one is have lots of money and try to use it wisely. The second is trust in your self and know that you can face everything you are going to encounter. Some things will knock you back or even down, but you can get back up and accomplish what needs to be done. I am willing to bet that you know that more than almost everyone on the earth.

    I do hope our paths cross again.

    Ride on,

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