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from the ATLANTIC to the PACIFIC

  2.350 Miles  - across the United States of America – my bicycle & me ;  )

in the Rocky Mountains

here I am – in this moment of awe and gratitude – for the mountain – for the rocks – for my bike

that carries me - and for me who rode it all the way – just to be here  right now.

  the Route

from Florida/Vero Beach June 11th 2012 – to Los Angeles California August 29th 2012



And off it goes  into the humid -summer heat of the southern states -  following the Golfcoast through Florida’s Wettlands….

…southern Mississipi  and Louisiana.

New Orleans


arriving in Texas in the middle of summer – crazy eh?


following the famous “Route 66″ through long stretches of flat cow Ranches – the heat is enormous -

shade and water very scarce – just keep going !

but then comes beautiful Palo Duro Canyon …and I knew it was worth it ;  )

entering beautiful New Mexico

..and then colourful Colorado

…and then the land of red rocks and Canyons -  Utha


scenic lunchbreak in the Rockies                                         look into the Canyon of Zion

a very short journey to Arizona – the Mojave Desert

Nevada – the “City in the Desert”- riding into Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon

California here we come!!

finally some company ; ) 3 days before LA I met 2 other single cyclist – one started from Buffalo and

one from New York – and we all met in the desert – s0 we went together for the last part to LA.

August 29th Arrival in Los Angeles

WE MADE IT! After a crazy 30 hour, 132 miles non sleep ride through the desert Marlbberry and Baerbel have arrived on the shore of Santa Monica by  in the early morning hours! Its an overwhealming feeling!!
Many THANKS and LOVE to all the people who supported me, encouraged me, fed me, gave me shelter, ispired me and were just amazing! This would not have been possible without you my friends!
I also thank the earth for carrying me every day, providing day after day everything I need. And I thank my spirits, that gave me protection on the freeway and in the desert – so I was able to make the right decisions and travel with my heart following my dream.

in the arms of my friend Lily in front of her beautiful sailboat “Portal” –  which is about to get ready for the big Pacific Crossing in February! – but before I will travel up north to bicycle down the Pacific Westcoast!

next plans: relaxing for a while, mentaining beloved Marlberry (my bicycle : ) and looking forward to meet my family who is coming for vacations to California soon!


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