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Join or support Bärbel!


Want to support me?
Maybe you know projects, people, communities or initiatives which you think I might be interested to stop? let me know! – I am happy for all suggestons – thats how I find the best places ;  )

Want to join me?
Anytime! I would be really happy about company. So if anyone wants to join me for a short or long period of time, feel welcome to do so. I would be good though if you would agree with the basic principles of this journey and be ok with low standards of comfort. I guess after a while we will see if we fit as travel companions and if we want to keep on travelling together!

see how desperate  I am ; ) – this is a text I posted on couchsurfng:

 Hi wonderful bicycle-friends!
I am travelling the world on my bicycle and by sailboat across the oceans – since over a year.
Its been great to be on my own – lots of great experiences – getting to know myself – borders – fears..
BUT NOW – I am ready for some company! Looking forward to form a WOMAN BIKEGANG* ; ) I am planning on trevelling down the pacific coast from Vancouver BC north to the San Francisco Bay Area – and maybe to LA.
YES I know its winter – but If you are a worldtraveller who chooses not to take crazy oilconsuming airplanes – you cant always be in the sun ; ) – so lets have fun in the rain! meet collectives, communities, organic farms, camp in the wild or find shelter in squats or with wonderful couchsurfing and warm-shower people ; )

I am mostly freegan (also known as dumpsterqueen ; ), basic bikemechanic and love to travel with no/very little money ; )
looking forward to share some adventures with some awesome women!

*jep – queers and progressive/conscious men are welcome too.


Daisy O’Hara performing “Home Is Where Your Heart Is”, a tribute to Bärbel Cycloqueen, who is brave enough to follow her heart. With this song they also want to let her know, that wherever she goes, her home will also be here in the hearts of her friends.

Keep Going Bärbel!!! We love you.


Wie du mich unterstützen kannst?
Kennst du Projekte, Initiativen, Gemeinschaften, die der CARETAKER Philosophie entsprechen bzw. die du empfehlen kannst? Dann ich freue ich mich über Tipps und Kontakte!

Jederzeit ; ) – ich freue mich über kurz oder lange Begleiter*innen mit passender Einstellung und wenig Comfortbedarf ; )
Wir werden ja sehen wie wir zusammenpassen – oder ob sich unsere Wege wieder teilen werden ; )

Die Band Daisy O’Hara spielt im Dezember 2011 im Rahmen einer Weihnachtsfeier im Amerlinghaus “Home Is Where Your Heart Is”, ein Tribute für Bärbel die ihrem Herzen folgt. Auch um ihr zu zeigen, dass wo immer sie gerade ist, ein kleines Stückchen ihres zuhauses hier bei uns ist.

Keep Going Bärbel!!! We love you.

14 Responses to “Join or support Bärbel!”

  1. thanks barbel for staying th night and letting me share your journey with my family weloved having you stay in our home and we,ll be watching the miles

    • Baerbel says:

      Thank you darryl!! It was such a great night -thanks for running after me and taking me to your house ;) -guess what!? I made it to darwin in a couple more hitch-trips -AND since yesterday I know I will probably have a boat that takes me to Malaysia from here soon! -so things are magically working out again! Yeah -Asia I am coming!!

  2. excellent bud i,m so proud to call you my freind barb i told you you,d love that lil part of the world i was reading your bio entry and it sounds like everything went just as we hoped it would darwins another doorstep to the beautiful orient that,s the journey i,ll be keeping my eyes to the sunrise for you be cool stay safe and let the wind take ya whereit will mwaah barb

  3. George Witter says:

    Hi Barb,

    I hope this note finds you safe and happy in Asia! Lydia and all of us send our love.



  4. SEREMELE Tony supe says:

    Salut Barb, your family from Noumea. Nous sommes avec toi et t’encourageons sur cette voie. Nous sommes surtout fière toi.

  5. nyoman pastrawan says:

    hello barbara … how are u ? where are u position now ?

    • Baerbel says:

      hello nyoman! sorry for responding so late. now i am in kyrgistan ; ) best greetings from the mountains!

  6. Beth Smith says:

    Hi Babsey! Remeber me? Beth from Anacortes WA. USA. I am so overwhelmed at how far you have gone. Way to go my dear. Just want you to know that we think of you often and tell all our warmshowers guests about you. Several have asked for your blog address and I have given it to them. You have fans you haven’t even met! Hope we hear from you again. Love and Hugs, Beth (and J.B.)

  7. Baerbel says:

    dear beth! of course i remember you, the comfy evenings in your house when it was icecold outside and the luxurious little house you made me feel so comfortable in ; ) thanks for helping my popularity : ) haha – its quite funny now i am in iran and i feel like a superstar only because i am a foreigner. today i played the guitar on a park- bench. some teenagers heard me and invited me to their english class..and then i spent about an hour in the class talking about my trip. later they took fotos and wanted me to sign their books. and the teacher invited me to come to his house.

  8. Malika says:


    Du bist einfach der Wahnsinn… Ich hab voll gänsehaut bekommen als ich deine fotos gesehen hab. Auch nach drei jahren denken noch so viel menschen in wien an dich – kannst da gar net vorstellen. Wenn ich grad voll ängstlich bin schau ich mir deinen blog an. du gibst mir so viel mut power frau!!!!!! Gfrei mi wennst wieder da bist!!Bisous

  9. yekta says:

    Hi there
    I am an Iranian
    You have beautiful pictures
    I’d love to get to know you
    For travel
    You weeks ago I talked with a friend.
    I am waiting for your answer.see you soon by.

  10. Beth Smith says:

    Hi Babsey! Thinking of you and hope you are safe and well! ~Beth

  11. natasha says:

    It was so nice to meet you and share your energy in Belgrade, dear! Travel safe and hope to see you soon! <3

  12. natasha says:

    PS Founda ya! :)

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