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back home..and what now?

I AM really back! last weeks have been sweet and fun and a bit stressful. feels like awakening from a dream..which is fading as my body remembers places and movements and suddenly starts acting similairly like 4 years ago. its strange. when i ride my bike through warm summernights..consciously i hardly remember routes..but my body does.. and lola, my bike which has been carrying me since australia (and doesn’t even know this city ; ) magically finds her way through the concreet on the little shortcuts i used to know long time ago.

arriving was a great party. espacially the nude ride! meeting ALL the people i know is exciting and exhausting. and i am still not “done”

after the first hello i went to croatia with my friend, to help her with a climbing course for 10 days. it was cool and fun and a good break from all the welcome.

(to stay in shape ; ) i also started looking for small and easy bikerelated jobs, like riding tourists in rikschas through the city and delivering organic-vegetarian/vegan lunch by cargo-bike ; )

..i am still quite nomadic..staying one day in my mums place, one at my dads..and also with friends..

i miss being on the road a bit. and i am excited to be sharing campfires with my dear old friends again.

i still have the dream of finding a place to settle outside the city together as a collective of radical people. all those years i was secretly hoping, the people which i loved imagining to live with before taking off, would still be there, wanting to do this project, when i was finally done with my explorations of the world. but of course i couldn’t count on it.
guess what! yes things have changed of course – many projects have been put into actions, new relationships have developed and broken apart, friends have been living together in a house without private rooms but “use-oriented-room devision” and experimenting with “solidarity-economy”, some of my best friends have babies! – still the dream of finally moving together to live and  grow food together as a collective family, exists and the motivation to build this dream together seems amazingly fertile at the moment.

..also i have been in the news. first in “Kronen Zeitung” (a very populair massmedia) who made me “viennese of the week” –  fortunately the article was so short, that they couldn’t write much wrong.


soon there will be another article in “online standard” in the bicycle-blog – for which i have hopes to be more valuable and inspiring to other people.

this weekend i am invited to tell my story at the partycipation festival – to inspire as “living book”

so times are still exciting. another step in the journey of life has started. i surely miss the freedom of the road. and i hope i will not miss the wisdom of living simply. and the memory of the warmhearted people  all over the world.


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